Ep. 10: Hardwicks Hit the Road, Part 1

Recording live from somewhere on Interstate 40, the Hardwick brothers celebrate this double-digit podcast by taking the show on the road. Along the way, the brothers discuss alternate realities, music, abnormal voting habits, unlikely but successful campaigns, run-ins with the polices, etc. Plus, the first ever Hardwick Rap Battle!

Special Podcast: Election Edition

With the 2016 Election only days away, the Hardwick brothers break away from their norms and offer their thoughts on the Presidential race. What’s happening this year? How did we get here? And what should we do when we prefer neither candidate? Plus, the brothers predict the Nov. 8th results.

Ep. 7: A Feud of a Favorite Things

In this, episode, the Hardwick brothers discuss the fascinating world of wooden pallets. Favorite foods, places, bible stories and podcasts are revealed, and the secret behind Amish cell phone reviews is discovered. Plus, the answer to everyone’s question: Why is Seth planning to move to Canada?

Ep. 3: Christian Movie Night at the Hardwick’s

The Hardwicks discuss the question, “What do Christians want in a movie?” and make recommendations for your next movie night. Later, Caleb and Miz Carla review the Arkansas-based film Greater. Plus, a sneak peek of the most Christian film of the year, Touchdown by an Angel!