Ep. 16: Little Blocks and Big Booms

In this episode, the Hardwick brothers offer proof that they know how to talk on a phone! Seth calls in to the podcast live from Birmingham. Noah and Caleb find a million-dollar DVD player. Miz Carla has a strange experience in line at the grocery store. A terrifying discussion of American Experience’s Command and Control ensues. Plus, the big winner of the Red7 game contest is revealed!

Ep. 15: Gnarly Nomenclature

The podcast finally has an official name! Miz Carla, Noah, Caleb and Seth reveal the new moniker and announce other exciting developments. Seth’s brother Noah discusses his new podcast on 2016’s best indie Christian music. Caleb gives a sneak peak of his new line of sound effects. Plus, Miz Carla explores the fascinating world of coloring utensils.

Ep. 14: That’s an un-wrap!

It’s birthday week at the Hardwick’s! Noah opens his presents live on the podcast. Caleb makes a travelogue documenting his birthday adventures. Miz Carla gets a birthday cakeSeth announces a new podcast giveaway prize. Plus, a our favorite Christmas presents, a quick review of Rogue One, and more!

Ep. 13: Stay Safe and Don’t be Stupid

In this episode, the Hardwick brothers aim to keep you safe from the dangers lurking in and around your Christmas Tree, as well as informed on Season 3 of Alone and the most important things on Facebook in 2016. Plus, the return of Gerald Flowers from Aromatic Paving Co.!

Ep. 12: Making a list, wrecking it thrice

Seasonal felicitations from the Hardwicks! In this episode, the brothers reveal their official 2016 Christmas wish lists, and not without a few surprises. How did gummy bears and fiberglass insulation earn a spot on their lists? Plus, a well-cultured discussion of classic radio, surname etymology, family crests, and marathoning television.

Special Podcast: The Origins Story

Long ago in a Pontiac Vibe far, far away, three brothers used a phone mic to record a podcast. The conversation that ensued would launch their distinguished careers and a media empire. Now, for the first time, that proto-podcast is available for listening! Join the Hardwick brothers for a historic conversation about rickshaw-riding monkeys, memorialized Canadian raccoons, disabled dachshunds, etc., all in a time before the universe slipped into it’s present alternate reality!

Ep. 11: Hardwicks Hit the Road, Part 2

The Hardwicks are back and have stories to tell! Listen for all the exciting details about what went down during the trip to Memphis. Plus, Seth gets a bad grade; Caleb has a new dream job; Noah reveals his phobia; and Miz Carla suffers a “concert” injury. And what was the deal with that big white buffalo?

Ep. 10: Hardwicks Hit the Road, Part 1

Recording live from somewhere on Interstate 40, the Hardwick brothers celebrate this double-digit podcast by taking the show on the road. Along the way, the brothers discuss alternate realities, music, abnormal voting habits, unlikely but successful campaigns, run-ins with the polices, etc. Plus, the first ever Hardwick Rap Battle!

Special Podcast: Election Edition

With the 2016 Election only days away, the Hardwick brothers break away from their norms and offer their thoughts on the Presidential race. What’s happening this year? How did we get here? And what should we do when we prefer neither candidate? Plus, the brothers predict the Nov. 8th results.

Ep. 9: Parable of the Pod-ical Sons

Can the Hardwicks solve a 2,000-year old mystery? The brothers examine a little known parable to uncover the truth about a guy named Roger. One of Caleb’s favorite sounds is revealed. Plus, enter to win a Lego set! And seriously, who keeps stealing Noah’s coke?