Special Podcast: Election Edition

With the 2016 Election only days away, the Hardwick brothers break away from their norms and offer their thoughts on the Presidential race. What’s happening this year? How did we get here? And what should we do when we prefer neither candidate? Plus, the brothers predict the Nov. 8th results.

Ep. 9: Parable of the Pod-ical Sons

Can the Hardwicks solve a 2,000-year old mystery? The brothers examine a little known parable to uncover the truth about a guy named Roger. One of Caleb’s favorite sounds is revealed. Plus, enter to win a Lego set! And seriously, who keeps stealing Noah’s coke?

Ep. 8: Hope for the Darned

Why is Noah receiving strange boxes in the mail? Why was Caleb in the Arkansas Corrections Unit? Can Seth remember anything from class? And what about all those sad, lonely socks? Plus, Miz Carla makes an appearance and reveals which brother prefers to sleep in front of an aquarium.

Ep. 7: A Feud of a Favorite Things

In this, episode, the Hardwick brothers discuss the fascinating world of wooden pallets. Favorite foods, places, bible stories and podcasts are revealed, and the secret behind Amish cell phone reviews is discovered. Plus, the answer to everyone’s question: Why is Seth planning to move to Canada?

Ep. 4: The Scented Cement Saga

Where did Seth go in during the previous episode? What are the Hardwick brothers’ favorite comics? And what’s the deal with John the Baptist? Episode 4 has the answers. Plus, special guest caller Big Dan the Front Lineman and the return of random bible verse generator!

Ep. 3: Christian Movie Night at the Hardwick’s

The Hardwicks discuss the question, “What do Christians want in a movie?” and make recommendations for your next movie night. Later, Caleb and Miz Carla review the Arkansas-based film Greater. Plus, a sneak peek of the most Christian film of the year, Touchdown by an Angel!