Ep. 22: A Slow Week, Illustrated Vol. 2

In this episode, the Hardwick brothers detail an exciting week of driving emergency vehicles, talking to Montanans, eating Christian chicken for breakfast, plotting new podcast schemes, and living in a post-winter world. Later, the crew discusses why every day has become “National (. . . ) Day.” Plus, guest caller Uncle Eddie returns to the podcast with more autobiographical stories!

Ep. 21: Movie Night Redux

Honorary podcast member Cory Stiles returns to talk about The Lego Batman Movie with the Hardwicks. Together, the crew also delves into the what it takes for a Christian film to succeed at the box office. Meanwhile, Caleb puts a curse on Sonic; Miz Carla reveals critter secrets; Seth refuses to do anything difficult and Noah chooses to kick stuff. Plus, what would a Christian Batman film be like?

Ep. 20: Reduce, Reuse, Refry with Cory Stiles

The Hardwick brothers team up with special guest Cory Stiles to explore the odd and often misunderstood subculture of homeschooling. Naturally, the discussion turns to Veggie Tales, Christian music, movies, TV and of course, french fries. Caleb struggles to say “goodbye.” Seth hits a birth-related milestone. Noah geeks out about bible translations.

Ep. 19: Climb That Mountain with Josh Clifton

Musician Josh Clifton calls into the podcast and answers a few of the Hardwick brother’s questions. Caleb correctly guesses Josh’s educational past. Noah chuckles. Seth reminds Josh of one of his deepest fears. Plus, Josh has the final say in the great gummy worm debate.

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Ep. 18: Games and Gummies with Dawson Heath

The Hardwick brothers welcome YouTube celebrity and all-around fun guy Dawson Heath (Zestrok117) to the podcast for a friendly discussion of dinosaurs, games and Star Wars. Caleb tries to write a joke. Noah hopes he gets sick. Seth learns how to respond to bullies. Plus, the crew delves deeper into the great Gummy Worm debate!

Ep. 17: A Rainbow of Gummy Worms

Which is worse for your health, eating gummy worms or real worms? The Hardwick brothers get to the bottom of this pressing question. Meanwhile, Caleb goes spelunking, Noah shows off his Spanish language skills and Seth builds transcontinental railways. Plus, Noah hints at his dream job with an ambiguous sound effect.

Ep. 16: Little Blocks and Big Booms

In this episode, the Hardwick brothers offer proof that they know how to talk on a phone! Seth calls in to the podcast live from Birmingham. Noah and Caleb find a million-dollar DVD player. Miz Carla has a strange experience in line at the grocery store. A terrifying discussion of American Experience’s Command and Control ensues. Plus, the big winner of the Red7 game contest is revealed!

Ep. 15: Gnarly Nomenclature

The podcast finally has an official name! Miz Carla, Noah, Caleb and Seth reveal the new moniker and announce other exciting developments. Seth’s brother Noah discusses his new podcast on 2016’s best indie Christian music. Caleb gives a sneak peak of his new line of sound effects. Plus, Miz Carla explores the fascinating world of coloring utensils.

Ep. 14: That’s an un-wrap!

It’s birthday week at the Hardwick’s! Noah opens his presents live on the podcast. Caleb makes a travelogue documenting his birthday adventures. Miz Carla gets a birthday cakeSeth announces a new podcast giveaway prize. Plus, a our favorite Christmas presents, a quick review of Rogue One, and more!

Ep. 13: Stay Safe and Don’t be Stupid

In this episode, the Hardwick brothers aim to keep you safe from the dangers lurking in and around your Christmas Tree, as well as informed on Season 3 of Alone and the most important things on Facebook in 2016. Plus, the return of Gerald Flowers from Aromatic Paving Co.!