Ep. 28: We talk about . . . #&?@!

In this mini-episode, the Hardwick brothers discuss the fascinating world of  . . . #&?@! If you enjoy reading the dictionary and unnecessarily correcting other people’s grammar, then this one’s for you! Plus, an important reminder from everyone’s favorite punctuation-themed band!

Ep. 27: Wolves out the Window

Catch up with the Hardwicks as they detail all their recent adventures! Seth goes to a train convention and gets lost along the way; Noah climbs a mountain and chats with a Brazilian; Caleb and Miz Carla go to Springfest and don’t go fishing for trout. Plus, Cory Stiles returns to debate the Wolves in the exciting race for College of the Ouachita’s SGA Secretary!

Ep. 26: Poddy Management – With Caleb Mabrey

In this highly anticipated episode, special guest Caleb Mabrey of the Poddy Break podcast joins the Hardwick brothers to discuss working for comedian Tim Hawkins, life on the road, live show tech disasters, becoming a podcast celebrity, and his new band Lalo. Plus, the inspirational story of Thicket’s Timber Mill in Pine-sol Falls, Montana!

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Poddy Break: TimHawkins.net. iTunes. Google Play. Twitter.
Lalo: Bandcamp. FacebookInstagram.

Ep. 25: Don’t Shut Yourself Off – With Spencer Tatum

The Hardwick brothers welcome Spencer Tatum (aka “Flip Landslide”) into the studio to discuss his new book, pollen tornadoes and college campus life. Meanwhile, Seth dubs each podcaster with a slick new moniker; Caleb demonstrates how to blink one eye at a time; and Noah lists some common misconceptions. Plus, confusion ensues as the gang plays a sans-beverage drinking game for Spring Break!

Ep. 24: Seth’s Three Simple Tips to Quit Smoking

Noah, Caleb, Seth and Miz Carla come together to argue over nicknames, offer some St. Patrick’s Day trivia, and give some practical advice. Caleb tries to write click-bait headlines; Miz Carla admits to vandalizing an undisclosed location; Noah deflects questions about his possible tattoo; and Seth gives the Top Ten Signs a Grocery Store Has Become Too Large. Plus, a special message from Pro Dig Al & Son.

Ep. 23: Our Quite Contrary Cousin with Mary Johnson

The Hardwick brothers are give a call to Seth’s favorite cousin Mary to discuss fishing with sugary treats, tractor gangs, multitasking accolades, trademarked burritos, and much more. Against her better judgement, Mary agrees to play a game with her cousins and regrets it later. Plus, Josh the Batboy makes a cameo appearance and a new Facebook contest is announced!

Ep. 22: A Slow Week, Illustrated Vol. 2

In this episode, the Hardwick brothers detail an exciting week of driving emergency vehicles, talking to Montanans, eating Christian chicken for breakfast, plotting new podcast schemes, and living in a post-winter world. Later, the crew discusses why every day has become “National (. . . ) Day.” Plus, guest caller Uncle Eddie returns to the podcast with more autobiographical stories!

Ep. 21: Movie Night Redux

Honorary podcast member Cory Stiles returns to talk about The Lego Batman Movie with the Hardwicks. Together, the crew also delves into the what it takes for a Christian film to succeed at the box office. Meanwhile, Caleb puts a curse on Sonic; Miz Carla reveals critter secrets; Seth refuses to do anything difficult and Noah chooses to kick stuff. Plus, what would a Christian Batman film be like?

Ep. 20: Reduce, Reuse, Refry with Cory Stiles

The Hardwick brothers team up with special guest Cory Stiles to explore the odd and often misunderstood subculture of homeschooling. Naturally, the discussion turns to Veggie Tales, Christian music, movies, TV and of course, french fries. Caleb struggles to say “goodbye.” Seth hits a birth-related milestone. Noah geeks out about bible translations.

Ep. 19: Climb That Mountain with Josh Clifton

Musician Josh Clifton calls into the podcast and answers a few of the Hardwick brother’s questions. Caleb correctly guesses Josh’s educational past. Noah chuckles. Seth reminds Josh of one of his deepest fears. Plus, Josh has the final say in the great gummy worm debate.

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