Ep. 36 Ramblin’ on Our Mind

In this riveting episode, the Hardwick brothers discuss the highlights of a recent road trip to an obscure location while demanding the invention of a better band-aid. Later, the crew opens up the podcast mailbag and considers purchasing uniforms for the show. Plus, the brothers plays a round of that beloved pastime known as “Fill-in-the-black News!”

Ep. 35: The Brothers and the Bee

The Hardwick brothers return with a bevy of excitement in this propitious episode. First, the crew picks apart the many facets of the number 35, followed by a spoiler-free discussion of Wonder Woman. Next, the crew examines the tense debate between “brb” and “be right back” and ponders what to do with Noah’s accidental surplus of packing tape. Plus, Miz Carla joins the brothers to celebrate the most exciting sporting event of the year with a pop spelling quiz.

Ep. 34: Little Pepper on the Prairie

United by their rhyming nicknames, Noah, Caleb, Seth and Miz Carla come together to answer society’s most burning questions. Which Hardwick brother knows the most about Little House on the Prairie? Who or what determines if music is “Christian”? And what’s the deal with Canada and jalapenos? Plus, Josh the Batboy drops in with a surprise phone call!

Ep. 33: Life without Ctrl+Z – With Cecelia Bedelia

In this episode, the Hardwick brothers welcome YouTuber and occasional podcast guest Cecelia Bedelia aboard the show as the crew’s new Chief Medical Officer. Meanwhile, Cecelia gives some YouTube secrets and reveals how she found herself part of a secret club known as the Inner Circle. Finally, the crew plays a rhyming game and gives advice for how to waste time without wifi. Plus, the exciting introduction of Hardwick Sound Premium!

Cecelia’s YouTube channel. 

Ep. 32: A Slow Week, Illustrated Vol. 3

In the third installment of this popular series, Noah, Caleb and Seth return with an exhilarating discussion of social media and the race for the most retweeted tweet of all time; post-graduation enlightenment and the campaign to raise Seth’s grade; fire trucks and funny kid quotes. Plus, the brothers give some practical advice for surviving the awkward sidewalk shuffle.

Ep. 31: Support Your Local Buggy

In this episode, the Hardwicks narrowly avoid winning a cruise to the Bahamas; Noah gives his thoughts on some recent films while Caleb and Miz Carla explore their fear of parking decks. Seth introduces the family to the fascinating world of shopping cart identification, spawning a new appreciation for all things buggy-related. Plus, the latest news in the field of crayon science.

Ep. 30: It’s Biscuit Time – With Chad McNulty

Annoyingly awesome guest Chad McNulty sets out to prove he’s Hardwick Sound’s number one fan in this fun-filled episode. Meanwhile, the Hardwick brothers discover everything from Chad’s shoe size to his thoughts on the eternal destination of french fries. Plus, Noah has an unexpected grand day out and Seth and Caleb have a run in with the law.

Ep. 29: What’s Up and What’s for Supper?

Noah, Caleb, Seth and Miz Carla chat about recent happenings, reminisce about orange soda and pickles, and generally poke fun at Cory. Meanwhile, Seth has lunch with a homeless guy; Noah builds a website; Caleb narrowly misses a run-in with a snake; and Miz Carla grills the brothers on their knowledge in the kitchen. Plus, the Hardwicks answer listener questions!

Ep. 28: We talk about . . . #&?@!

In this mini-episode, the Hardwick brothers discuss the fascinating world of  . . . #&?@! If you enjoy reading the dictionary and unnecessarily correcting other people’s grammar, then this one’s for you! Plus, an important reminder from everyone’s favorite punctuation-themed band!

Ep. 27: Wolves out the Window

Catch up with the Hardwicks as they detail all their recent adventures! Seth goes to a train convention and gets lost along the way; Noah climbs a mountain and chats with a Brazilian; Caleb and Miz Carla go to Springfest and don’t go fishing for trout. Plus, Cory Stiles returns to debate the Wolves in the exciting race for College of the Ouachita’s SGA Secretary!