Ep. L: The 50th Episode Special!

In this exclamatory episode, the Hardwicks gather to celebrate one-half hundred episodes! Caleb checks off an item from his bucket list, Seth delivers some auditory fireworks, Noah takes on the corrupt mattress industry, and Miz Carla finds a box of witchcraft in the loft above the garage. Plus, the crew competes with each other in the 50th Episode Special Challenge!

Ep. 49: The One That Got Away

In this non-sequential episode, the Hardwick family gathers to discuss foulmouthed pogo stickers, mini golf in Texas, and linoleum floor miracles. Meanwhile, the cause of Noah’s deeply rooted fear of cats is revealed, the conclusion of Miz Carla’s pumice drama is detailed, Caleb has a messy fire extinguisher accident, and Seth uses a straw in his Dr. Pepper.  Plus, the crew answers a variety of listener questions.

And please, if you see Episode 48, let it know we miss it.

Ep. 47: The Prime of Our Lives

In this adventurous episode, the whole Hardwick crew comes together to share all their recent excitement and to gaze with wonder upon the whimsical world of prime numbers. A full week of floating, hiking, stalking and concerting is fondly remembered. Meanwhile, Noah gets new speakers, Caleb wakes up in Texas, and Seth avoids Spock Burgers. Plus, Miz Carla explores a curious dimension in which rocks do not float.

Ep. 46: Life at the Pond-Cast – With Charlie Richards

It was a retrospective day at the podcast. Join Noah, Caleb, Seth and Miz Carla as they welcome aboard the show special guest Charlie Richards, writer and creator of Life at the Pond. Charlie discusses with the crew his chickens, life as a Hollywood writer and his friendship with the Duggars. Plus, the history of The Pond, the status of the characters today, and plenty of fun trivia along the way.

Ep. 45: Conway Man Tells All – With Casey Winstead

In this exclusive episode, the Hardwicks answer the oft-asked question, “whatever happened to Casey All-I-Do-Is Winstead?” To find out, the crew chats with Casey about his new youth ministry and proceeds to exploit his personal failures. Meanwhile, Seth gets prophetic about football, Noah has some new gizmo, Caleb buys new glasses, and Casey has a vision of the Antichrist’s career in sports. Plus, everyone is faced with the difficulty of the discerning truth in an uproaring game of Fake News.

Ep. 44: Our First AnniBirthSary!

In this special recorded-before-a-live-studio-audience episode, the Hardwicks are joined by a few of their friends to celebrate their first full year of podcasting! Cory Stiles, Cecelia Bedelia and Chad McNulty are welcomed on the show to reflect on how Hardwick Sound has changed their life. Meanwhile, Miz Carla presents gifts to the crew and Noah gets defensive about his toothbrush. Plus, how the podcast was started and which dinosaur is everyone’s favorite!

Ep. 43: The Folly in Our Foley

In this effective episode, the Hardwicks come together and attempt to imitate reality in a fun round of Sound Effect Charades. In the meantime, Seth becomes a Lego god, Noah develops a life-giving formula, and Miz Carla and Caleb scratch their woeful itches. Plus, the crew discusses their exciting trip “up north” and gives advice for proper time management and pet care.

Ep. 42: Having Fun Isn’t Hard – With Brad Crumby

In this ultimate episode to life, the universe and everything, the Hardwicks are joined by longtime family friend and expert snack provider Brad Crumby. Meanwhile, Seth has a secret Lego club meeting, Noah has a new side project, Miz Carla reminisces about teaching Brad in Sunday School, and Caleb has to go to the vet. Plus, the crew competes at a favorite old podcast game, Random Bible Verse Generator!

Ep. 41: Such a Kind Word – With Kalee Morgan

In this electrifying episode, Kalee Morgan –who sells veggies on Southwest– joins Noah, Caleb and Seth to discuss her resume and superhero origin story. Seth attempts to give nicknames and discovers the Hardwick’s next vacation destination; Noah develops a new strategy for reviewing job interviews; and Caleb gives new baseball-related evidence that Seth has wasted his life. Plus, the crew’s favorite anagrams of “Hardwick Sound.”

Ep. 40: A Second Leash on Life

In this over-the-hill episode, the Hardwicks discuss anagram-eating dogs, life without Microsoft Paint, and arbitrary podcast milestones. Meanwhile, Miz Carla dreams of puppies while Noah, Caleb and Seth reminisce about chipping golf balls out from between tomato plants. Plus, resident meme expert and friend of the podcast Cory Stiles joins the crew to discuss his inauguration as student body secretary and a surprising revelation about Superman.