Ep. 57: Communion of the Clowns

In this lovely episode, the Hardwicks elate over some new and exciting discoveries. Caleb finds a New Zealand dime, Seth realizes he can buy his own motivational stickers, Noah learns a better way to steal audio books, and Miz Carla giggles over some epic church fails. In the meantime, the crew also discusses some goals for 2018 and puts their memory of 2017 to the test with a year-end quiz. Plus, some practical and always sound advice on miming and preserving/pickling money.

Ep. 56: That’s an Un-Wrap, Redux!

In this ferret-friendly episode, the Hardwicks bring back their old tradition of embarrassing Noah on his birthday. To celebrate, Noah opens his presents live on the show. Meanwhile, Miz Carla digs for shiny things; Caleb and Kristen have a birthday adventure full of trolleys, Chinese Laterns and barbecue; and an ailing Seth is jealous of everyone’s fun. Plus, Miz Carla gives a touching (and perhaps a bit embarrassing) tribute to her birthday boys.

Dedicated to the memory of the fallen Krispy Kreme doughnut, 12/30/2017-12/30/2017.

Ep. LV: May the Fudge Be With You

In this one thumbs-up episode, the Hardwick family huddles together in the warm and cozy Dump to bring each other some winter cheer. Caleb ponders the mysterious history of cow licks; Noah finds the path to trivia glory; Seth defends his fudge making skills; and Miz Carla makes an appeal to the black market for a Chick-Fil-A calendar. Plus, another spoiler-loaded Unmentionable Movie Review and a celebration of the world’s shortest things!

Ep. 54: A License to Gummy

In this lightly seasoned episode, the Hardwicks convene once again in their winter wonder Dump to discuss the flammability of cinnamon rolls and the remarkable longevity of 2x4s as Christmas presents. Meanwhile, Caleb does his best Alex Trebek impression, Seth tries to make some ArkLUG converts, Noah finally reveals how he named his rabbits, and Miz Carla comes close to becoming a Garvan Gardens martyr. Plus, the crew reveals their official 2017 Christmas wish list.

Ep. 53: Fall Color Commentary

In this thermoplastic polyurethane episode, an aardvark, skunk, meerkat, and bullfrog walk into a studio and provide an array of color commentary on Thanksgiving. The Hardwicks reveal their indigenous people nicknames, discuss some overlooked things for which to be thankful, and reminisce about enjoying half-smoked-half-fried turkey at the fire station. Plus, Noah delivers another Unmentionable Movie Review and the crew gives some practical advice for ordering Tacos.

Ep. 52: Pumpkins of Popcorn, etc.

In this intrepid episode, it’s time to grab your 3 a.m. taco and listen to the Hardwick family explode with adventure stories. Meanwhile, Caleb’s geriatric laptop is plagued with earthquake-related technical problems, Seth surfs some November wakes, and Noah and Miz Carla review an unmentionable movie. Plus, Jesus-loving almost-lawyer Kristen Page joins the show to discuss the many adventures she and Caleb had exploring the far away land of Boston.

Ep. 51: Possums Are People Too – With Dakota Freeman

In this long overdue episode, the Hardwick brothers welcome eyebrow extraordinaire Dakota Freeman to the Dump. The crew recaps Seth’s sudden newfound stardom, delves deep into the tragic mystery of missing Possum Joe, and competes to prove who has the most hip vocabulary of trendy slang words. Plus, Dakota takes up the reigns and assigns nicknames to Noah, Caleb and Seth.

Ep. L: The 50th Episode Special!

In this exclamatory episode, the Hardwicks gather to celebrate one-half hundred episodes! Caleb checks off an item from his bucket list, Seth delivers some auditory fireworks, Noah takes on the corrupt mattress industry, and Miz Carla finds a box of witchcraft in the loft above the garage. Plus, the crew competes with each other in the 50th Episode Special Challenge!

Ep. 49: The One That Got Away

In this non-sequential episode, the Hardwick family gathers to discuss foulmouthed pogo stickers, mini golf in Texas, and linoleum floor miracles. Meanwhile, the cause of Noah’s deeply rooted fear of cats is revealed, the conclusion of Miz Carla’s pumice drama is detailed, Caleb has a messy fire extinguisher accident, and Seth uses a straw in his Dr. Pepper.  Plus, the crew answers a variety of listener questions.

And please, if you see Episode 48, let it know we miss it.

Ep. 47: The Prime of Our Lives

In this adventurous episode, the whole Hardwick crew comes together to share all their recent excitement and to gaze with wonder upon the whimsical world of prime numbers. A full week of floating, hiking, stalking and concerting is fondly remembered. Meanwhile, Noah gets new speakers, Caleb wakes up in Texas, and Seth avoids Spock Burgers. Plus, Miz Carla explores a curious dimension in which rocks do not float.